This is a one to one service offering spiritual mentoring.

Spiritual mentoring is not very well understood in the world. 

Indeed there is not really even a mentor or a mentee but rather a process of discovery.

The philosopher and physicist Niels Bohr once said "we may have to learn what the word 'understanding' really means." (1921)

As human beings, we have acquired an enormous range of experience held not only in the individual heart and mind but creatively in the collective store. 

In luminous moments of insight we glimpse into the depth of that understanding and experience. Yet developing the innate qualities needed to uncover clear sightedness and nurture our innate warm-heartedness as a solid foundation for living, is the fundamental purpose of our journeying. 

The road to understanding is a process of making choices to relinquish the hindrances that obscure our deep capacity for boundless love, creativity and contentment.

All sentient beings prefer to be comfortable and avoid pain at all costs. Yet pain and hardship whilst hard to bear are in fact our greatest allies since they have qualities within to transform our tendencies to limited view. They expand our horizons, open our heart and fill us with love.

The Buddha observed that spiritual companionship is the whole of spiritual life. Indeed, during hardships and challenges we may feel alone. Spiritual mentoring is an accompaniment on the journey based on understanding that recognises and embraces the life process with clear, unconditional love and warm-heartedness. For when we look deeply to see what true love is, we understand it is none other than the depth of true friendship.