Living in a Flower

A community of spiritual friendship

We are a group of spiritual friendship practitioners affiliated with Plum Village community of engaged Buddhism. We welcome you to join us for practice in the zen Buddhist tradition of Master Thich Nhat Hahn. This is a rich and broadminded tradition that welcomes everyone; those of all faith and none. We join this practice with facilitation for Eckhart Tolle's organisation. 

Sati (mindfulness) brings awareness to arising thoughts and emotions, whereby we choose not to be absorbed by them but rather observe without following or being drawn.  Bringing attention into the inner body, focusing on the cycle of the breath and the beauty of the heart, unifies mind and body. Such practice leads to the stabilisation of luminous awareness and enables us  live through a sense of awe and wonder in perceiving the beauty of the universe. Freed from the negativity of old mental habits and  ignorance, understanding the nature of impermanence and the dangers of attachment to views and identities, we honour the presence of the sacred here on earth.  A state of being through which we witness the mystery of life and and the depth of silence with a profound sense of gratitude

"A sangha is a garden, full of many varieties of trees and flowers. When we can look at ourselves and at others as beautiful, unique flowers and trees we can truly grow to understand and love one another. One flower may bloom early in the spring and another flower may bloom in late summer.  One tree may bear many fruits and another tree may offer cool shade.  No one plant is greater, or lesser, or the same as any other plant in the garden.  Each member of the sangha also has unique gifts to offer to the community. We each have areas that need attention as well.  When we can appreciate each member’s contribution and see our weaknesses as potential for growth we can learn to live together harmoniously.  Our 

practice is to see that we are a flower or a tree, and we are the whole garden as well, all interconnected." 

Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hahn

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Our sangha is a community of friends and there is no charge . As the community increases we may outgrow our present accommodation and request a donation to cover the hire of a room.